Thanksgiving Turkey 2019


Your turkey is fresh, not frozen! The logistics of getting fresh birds to you means we cannot guarantee a specific size. We do anticipate that final size will be 11-19 pounds per bird.

We require a $40 deposit to reserve a bird for you. When you order on line, please use a credit card for your deposit. At pickup you will pay the balance, at $6/pound, due on your selected bird. Make sure you select your pickup location!

Our turkeys are broad breasted white, a bird that yields a delicious dinner! They start in our heated brooders at the age of one day! When large enough we move them outside, onto our fields. They are in protected pens that get moved onto fresh grass all the time. They can clear all the grass in their pen in one day, and since they love the greens we move them everyday. As October begins we will move them twice each day! And they will strip all greenery down to bare dirt.

It is best to allow the bird to get closer to room temperature before placing in the oven. Use an instant read thermometer that you have  calibrated (in a glass of sweating ice water it should read 32*, if not adjust accordingly) and be certain to allow the bird to rest at least 30 minutes before carving. The temperature will rise as the bird rests, so be certain to allow for that increase in temperature before removing your bird from oven.

And be certain to enjoy leftovers: stock from the carcass can be put into Mason jars of a size appropriate for the number you cook for and just placed in the freezer (allow room for liquid to expand as it freezes). On a cold day this is an easy thing to heat up, add leftover pasta, rice, vegetables and meat or seafood and eat! So comforting in the dark and cold wintertime.

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