Chicken CSA 2019


Every few weeks the post office delivers boxes of peepers to the farm. Day old chicks can be shipped year round: they are packaged for surviving the weather conditions and get a quick drink of water, plenty of food and grit and heat upon arrival. After a few weeks in the brooder they move to mobile pens. We move the chickens daily, and they devour the grass under their feet. Fed a ration, no growth accelerants, antibiotics or other icky stuff. When cooked, the liquid that remains in the pan remains liquid, the ring of hard white fat you might have grown used to does not appear after cooking our birds. Save the carcass and make the best chicken stock ever!

This is for a 2018 CSA for our chickens.  A fresh, whole chicken, twice a month, from mid-May until the end of October. We will take one week off in August, then resume delivery until the weather turns cold at the end of October. 10 chickens, 1 every other week. An average of 4 pounds.

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