2018 Pen Building Workshop

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Pen Building Workshop

Event Chair: Drusilla Peters


Homer has built the latest iteration of his mobile pen design, and about half of our birds are in them. We need 8 pens by the end of this month, so that our summer months are filled with the quick poultry pen moving we have grown to love. We need your help! If you want to bring a team of people or by yourself, please join us on March 17 or 24 to help us build out a new fleet for our farm! This workshop is no charge. We ask you to bring a powerful drill and all the charged batteries you have, all clearly labeled so they return home with you. The pens you build will stay here on our farm. Space is limited to 4 teams each date. We have indoor space if it is raining or cold, so no matter the weather plan on the workshop happening. Livestock needs to be fed and watered prior to the workshop start, so be here at 8am if you would like to participate in the livestock feeding, watering and the moving of our existing pens. If not, plan to be here at 9:15am. We expect the pen building to take most of the day, so plan to be here until 4 or so. We will provide some things to eat and drink and pack your own if you have particular needs.

March 24, 2018

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
Pen 5 9:15 am 4:00 pm#1:
Pen 6 9:15 am 4:00 pm#1:
Pen 7 9:15 am 4:00 pm#1:
Pen 8 9:15 am 4:00 pm#1: